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We are ready to ship standart size of ECO WAX TTR ribbon in big quantity and special PRICE, already tested with our customers and dealers. For more information contact our sales team AGFOIL EUROPE.
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Thermal transfer foils / TTR foils

Thermal transfer ribbons are designed to print on a wide range of materials such as print toner for thermal transfer printers and are often called different names such as ribbons, TTR, ribbon, thermal transfer foils, tapes, etc.

We are using four groups of thermal transfer ribbons depending on printing substrate:

Thermal transfer ribbons are delivered in various colors and sizes according to the type of material printed on, self-adhesive, non adhesive labels (paper, plastic, textiles ..) and print that requires resistance to various influences (abrasion, washing, solvents, higher temperature, weather conditions, and many others).

Pigment carried on the carrier film is electronically transferred to the printed material by heat and pressure through the print head. Foils supplied by our company include a protective layer that prevents excessive wear on the print head.

Thermal transfer ribbons are supplied with internal winding IN (pigment on the inside of the carrier foil) or external winding OUT (pigment on the outside of the carrier foil), according to the printer type. The most common are tape wound on cardboard 1 '/ 25.4 mm / tube by the types of industrial printers and in some cases the plastic tubes. For small desktop printers are mostly used paper 0.5 '/ 12.4 mm / sleeve with notches.

Further technical specifications for thermal transfer tape: 

Internal coil – IN such as printers SATO, CAB, DATAMAX, CITIZEN etc.

The outer coil – OUT such as printers ZEBRA, INTERMEC, TOSHIBA TEC etc.

When choosing the appropriate thermal transfer ribbons we know the following parameters:

  • Type of printer
  • Size and type of tube
  • Orientation and length of the winding rolls
  • The width of the printed material
  • Type substrate / paper, plastic, textile /

If you are interested in thermal transfer ribbons contact us.

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