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Due to a streamlining of the production process and an quick delivery of goods to the customers, our company AG FOIL EUROPE s.r.o. bought and successfully implemented an automated packaging machine…
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To improve production efficiency and speed up production processes we purchased a new semi-automatic cutter machine, which cuts the tubes to the required size from the overall length of 2000mm…
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AG FOIL EUROPE - specialists in products identification


AG FOIL EUROPE s.r.o. is a trade and manufacturing company with a long tradition in production of the labelling and product identification. We started thermal transfer foil production in 2001, still as part of the company AG FOIL s.r.o. - AG FOIL EUROPE became a separate company in 2014.

We are one of the largest producers of thermal transfer ribbons used for barcode printing, dating foils and polygraphic foils used for hot stamping, along with textile materials for the production of care labels. We are the only producer of thermal transfer foils in the whole of Slovak and Czech region.

AG FOIL EUROPE s.r.o. holds Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Class I certificate for textile materials and thermal transfer foils that are intended for the manufacture and label printing.

Why AG FOIL EUROPE s.r.o.?

All products that are sold by AG FOIL EUROPE s.r.o. are its own products. They fulfill all the purposes for which they are intended and are environmentally friendly.

AG FOIL EUROPE has its own manufacturing facility with production and storage capacities. The entire production process is constructed to be most effective and to fulfill specific customer requirements.

AG FOIL EUROPE we are committed to the professionalism of our staff and we constantly upgrade our technological equipment so that we are able to meet the requirements of the market and customers.

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